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  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction – In progress (6 of 10 courses completed – 18 credit hours), Faculty of Education, University of Regina, 2018 (Estimated)
  • B.Ed. – Secondary Education -English Language Arts Major; Business Education Minor Faculty of Education, University of Regina, 2006 with Distinction (CGPA 84.48)
  • B.A. (English) (one semester left to finish)
  • B.Re. – Ambrose University College, 1986

Awards: Academic Silver Scholarship, 2005 Fall;The Reverend Desmond P. Burke-Gaffney, S.J. Book Prize, 1996 Spring/Summer Faculty of Education Outstanding Academic Achievement, 2005/06

Teaching & Related Experience

Faculty of Education, University of Regina, July 2006 – Present


Editor, Education News (Faculty of Education, University of Regina News magazine)

Managing Editor, in education (online academic journal)

Publication Management (Publication Writing, Photography, Layout and Design)

Faculty Communications Officer

Theory and Method Seminar Series Coordinator/Moderator present

Website development and content management ( and ) Social media: @urfacofed (Twitter) and Facebook

Past roles

Instructor for ELNG courses (substitute for regular instructor)

Project/Program Facilitator (SIAST FCP Partnership liaison/coordinator, Conference and Symposium Coordinator, Report and Contract Writer) until Fall 2015

SIDRU Seminar Coordinator/Moderator until Fall 2015


Project of Heart ebook: Hidden History of Residential Schools in Saskatchewan presentation ~Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) Spring Assembly 2017 (April 7) Showcasing Reconciliation in Saskatchewan Education University of Regina, Faculty of Education.

Investigating Our Practices ~ Regina 2016 (February). Roundtable presentation: Academic Publishing: A Managing Editor’s Perspective.

Workshop: Behind the Yellow Wallpaper An Introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis (for ELNG 450 class) Spring 2010.

Seminars for graduate courses.

Teacher Practicums

Luther College High School, Sept. – Dec. 2005

Taught: ELA A9 (Units: Short Stories & Odyssey); ELA 10 (Novel: Lord of the Flies); Information Processing 20 (Unit: Brochure Design); Christian Ethics 10 (Unit: World Religions-Jainism & Sikhism); ELA 20 (Assessed Hamlet Presentations)

Creative Writing Club Facilitator- Luther College High School, Jan. – June 2006

F.W. Johnson Collegiate, 3-weeks 2004

Taught: ELA 20 (Unit: Writing Workshop); ELA 9B (Unit: Midsummer Night’s Eve); ELA 10 (Unit: Media Study)

Tutor: Neil Squire Society (1994-Bridging Program for Women)


Niessen, S. (2017). Shattering the silence: The hidden history of Indian residential schools in Saskatchewan. Regina, SK: Faculty of Education, University of Regina.

Tymchak, M., Pauls-Orthner, C., & Niessen, S. (2015). New Horizons: NORTEP-NORPAC Stories of personal and professional transformation–Since 1977. Regina, SK: SIDRU for NORTEP

Tymchak, M., Pauls-Orthner, C., & Niessen, S. (2015). Northern Professional Access College: A bold new step–Building on success. Regina, SK: SIDRU for NORTEP

Niessen, S. (2015). A Review of “There is No Need to Talk About This: Poetic Inquiry from the Art Therapy Studio,” by Karen O. Wallace. in education, 21(2),179-181.

Niessen, S. (2011).SIDRU, SIAST and the FCP: Collaboration and co-operation in action.ILDC News, 3(2), 1-2. Retrieve from:

Niessen, S. (2011) Blended learning, SKYPE and instructor commitment to adult learners. ILDC News, 4(1), 5. Retrieved from:

Tymchak, M., Pauls-Orthner, C., & Niessen, S. (2008). New horizons—NORTEP & NORPAC perspectives 30 years later: Stories of personal and professional transformation. Regina, SK: SIDRU Publications. Retrieve from:

Niessen, S. (Ed.), (2008). Aboriginal Knowledge Exchange Project—Self-study compilation and report: Aboriginal ways of knowing in teacher education. Regina, SK: SIDRU Publications. Retrieve from:

Tymchak, M., & Niessen, S. (2007). Building the future today: Demographic, education, and socio-economic indicators towards a new NORTEP joint-use shared facility. Regina, SK: SIDRU Publications. Retrieve from:

Niessen, S. (2006). Book review: “How to read and why” by Harold Bloom. S.T.E.L.A. Newsletter.

Popular Self-Published Paper:

Niessen, S. (2013). What is Digital Fluency? Regina, SK

Professional Development

1988 & 1995 First Aid/C.P.R. Certification, St. John Ambulance

1994 Bridging Program for Women: Career Planning and Computer Skills course

1994 Workshop: Teaching Adults, SIAST, 6 hours

2006 Saskatchewan Teachers of English Language Arts (STELA) Conference

2008 Aboriginal Knowledge Exchange Symposium

2007, 2008 WestCAST conferences

2009 Caring Across Professions Conference

2009 TLt Conference (Campus Saskatchewan)

2010 Inspiring Leadership Conference

2012 #ETMOOC, Educational Technology Massive Open Online Course

2012 Graduate Citation Program

2013 #DCMOOC, Digital Citizenship Massive Open Online Course

2015 Poetry: The Muses Workshop The Athens Centre, Athens, Greece.

2006 – 2015 Weekly SIDRU Seminars — Research and Initiatives in Education (Coordinator)

2015 – Current Coordinate/Host Weekly Theory and Method Seminar Series

2008 – 2014 Fall Professional Development Workshop for Adult Educators



  • Template-Based Web Development (Downloadable WordPress), Drupal content management. Online Journal System
  • Keyboarding Skills
  • InDesign, Photoshop
  • Basic html coding skills

Writing and Publishing Process:

  • Design and Composition of Publications: Writing, Selecting from submissions, Interviewing, Investigating, Organizing, and Editing of Articles or Reports
  • Layout and Design (Building a template for the publication)
  • Determining theme and categories for publication/s
  • Report on and photograph events
  • Determine frequency and length of publication
  • Creating and Updating Distribution List
  • Online and mail Distribution


  • APA 6th Edition Copy Editor for an online academic journal, in education

Teaching Feedback:

Able to successfully build trust and rapport with students

Competent in classroom management (prioritizing student engagement through developing relevance, purpose, and strategies combined with engaging material and personalized activities such as inquiry questions)

Effective in encouraging and engaging student interest through attention to diverse learning styles and intelligences, needs, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, gender, etc.

“Her strong work ethic and academic background combined with her enthusiasm for young people are certainly assets…” Berbel Knoll, Principal, Luther High School

“She is adept at gate-keeping, probing, and encouraging the students to arrive at a solution inductively.” Cheryl Ashton, Teacher, Luther College High School

Adept at contextualizing information and sectioning concepts and skills into learning units.

Interest and research in pedagogical and assessment theory and practice.


Available upon request

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